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Are you a book lover– who has strong opinions about any particular book? You can easily earn by writing book reviews. There are plenty of online publishers that pay for book reviews. You could even write a book review for your local newspaper or magazine.

Begin by defining the genre to which the book belongs, that is whether it is a fiction, non-fiction, biography, autobiography etc. List the title, author and the publisher.

Briefly summarize the theme if it’s a novel. If it’s a non-fiction book then provide  an overview, which includes  a paraphrase of the book quote some interesting lines from the book. You could even do that when reviewing a work of fiction.

When you are briefly summarizing the story line be careful that you do not reveal the whole plot and ruin the book for the readers. Make sure that whatever you quote or reveal just highlights the book and nothing more.

Go on to discuss your opinion of the book, what you liked and what you did not. Substantiate every statement with a logical reason. If you are reviewing a non-fiction book then discuss the author’s opinions and state what you agreed with and what you didn’t agree with. You could even present a different perspective, if you have one.

Also, clearly state what was weak in the plot or how the writer could have presented things differently. Try to relate the book to other books by the same author or similar books by other authors. Suggest how the book relates to real life situations and would it have an impact on the readers or not.

Briefly end by summarizing the book and state whether you recommend the book to the readers or not. You could even do this by awarding stars or points to the book.



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Essay writing as a form of writing is widely used. Whether it is school level essays or college term papers, this kind of writing never goes out of style. An important aspect of a good essay is proper structure, which can be achieved, if before you begin writing you draw a proper outline.

The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary defines essay as a short piece of writing on a particular subject in order either to be published or as a part of a student’s course study. So one thing that you should remember while writing an essay is it should be short. It should have a logical flow of thought and a proper conclusion.

Start with a brief introduction or your basic premise, depending upon what you are writing about. If you are discussing a book or a particular character in a novel or an aspect of the character or novel. start by discussing briefly where the character appears in the novel. It is also important to offer a brief critique of the novelist and his/her works. This would help you in developing your thought pattern and help in discussing what aspect of his works is displayed in this particular novel.

If the essay you are writing is an argument, then start by stating your basic argument in the opening paragraph and then in the next three paragraphs, build the main body of the essay and then come to a logical conclusion.

A good vocabulary comes in handy when drafting a good essay. The apt use of words shows not just your skill as a writer but also helps you in developing your thought  logically.

A good essay should have the following pattern-

A good topic

An introduction

The main body( 3 paragraphs)


To achieve this prepare a rough draft or a brief outline of what you are going to state in the essay. Also make sure that you format your essay according to the correct guidelines, where you quote the source of your ideas or references( MLA style)

Some sites that help you in essay writing or offer you essay writing jobs are-

The Essay Expert


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Blogging is a hobby and many people blog for fun. Today anybody and everybody has a blog. The rich and famous have ghostwriters working overtime to maintain their blogs and the common man like you and me writes our own blog.

Each one has a story to tell or opinions, thoughts and ideas to express. The kind of blogs I have mentioned are personal blogs, more like a personal diary, where you can write about your take on things, your ideas, opinions, your pet peeves, like in my other blog I wrote about the demand for US/UK native writers.

On the other hand there are niche blogs or commercial blogs where people sell their services or products. Some people review products for other companies and get paid in cash or kind to do so.

As per the latest regulation if you are reviewing a product in your blog you have to disclose your link with that person. Whether you got paid to endorse their product etc.

But these regulations aside, some people run interesting blogs that function like magazines and they want writers or bloggers to blog for them. I have compiled a list of blogs that pay you to post or review. I hope the list is useful to you.

The first one on my list is blogger party. This site does not pay you upfront, but you get to share the Google adsense revenue. Register and blog away.

The second blog in the list is blogitive. They pay weekly for writing blog postings. If you don’t have a blog they suggest you a list of blogging platforms and also tell you ways in which you can increase your traffic.

The third one in the list is blogvertise. Highly recommended as this site pays you upfront. Sign up and they ill provide you tasks where you have to review and link up with the advertiser’s site.Easy money is what I call this opportunity. Sign up.

The next one is payu2blog. They pay you to blog but they have certain conditions like the your blog should be 90 days old and should have posts that are 90 days old. They ask you to submit your blog and you have to wait for two days for approval.

The next one that I recommend is payperpost. This one has the easiest sign up process. Just your email and password. Complete the registration process and start blogging.

One more blog that pays you for just blogging is blogburner They share adsense revenue with you. Sounds interesting. Go right ahead sign up.

Let me add some more to the list and you can keep watching this space for all the great freelance writer resources that I have collected from the internet. The next one is called sponsoredreviews. This site pays you to review the information.

More blogging jobs for you at smorty. This site allows you to write article, reviews, opinions and pays you by PayPal.Sounds great. Just go and sign up.

This one also offers different methods to pay. Check out socialspark. They pay you for posting as well as shared revenue.

The 10th in the list is linkworth. This site also offers you different ways to earn.The ad revenue share is as high as 70% and they also pay you for blog posts.

I hope this list is exhaustive. I’ll share more information from my collection next time…

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I’ve been working for some 6 months as a freelance writer now. I started by taking some small time writing and rewriting assignments, which fetched me some $1 to $2 per 300-500 word article. My best client was one who paid me $4 for a 500 word article.

 After  about a month of freelancing, I started charging $1 per 100 words and even got paid that kind of money most of the time. This made me research on the net for sites that would help me hone my writing skill. So here I’m listing some of them, they offer articles, writing tips, free lessons, free e-books to download and trust me each has taught me something and helped me improve my craft.

One of my favorite site is run by Jennifer Mattern and is called All Freelance Writing. This site is a virtual storehouse of information, right from tips on how to improve your writing to freelance writing gigs to offering tips on any kind of information a freelance writer may need. She has it all. This site according to me scores a full ten on ten.

Another site that I found today and has some superb resources for writers is the write network this site offers articles on non-fiction writing as well as fiction writing. Some of the best writers on the net write for this site.

Another site that offered me free online courses in writing writer2writer network. This site offers free e-books, lessons, copywriting tips and many interesting resources. Check this site for some great free information.

Another writer who actually promises to set you up as a great freelance writer and promises that you can earn great money and work from the comfort of your home is Sue LaPointe, her conversational writing style and her down to earth writing tips would encourage any writer. I recommend her site SAHMWriter for writing tips as well as great list of freelance writing jobs.

Keep watching this space for more information on freelance writing and writing tips.

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