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Today, I read an article called Twitter for writers. When I saw the title my curiosity was roused. I immediately clicked on the link and was eagerly expecting to get some useful tips on how to use Twitter to your advantage.

The writer began her article by making a powerful statement– “Twitter is not about numbers”,  so, you naturally expect her to tell you what it is about and how you could also use the same tricks. Instead, after every sentence she suggested a link to some other article about Twitter. Then she picked one topic after another and said this I’ll discuss in a later post.

Why is this method wrong?  because the reader came to read your article to gather some useful information on Twitter. He expected some information, if you offer the reader nothing—is he likely to come back? The answer would be an emphatic NO. I didn’t get a single tip from the article.

While her introductory para was good, which means she hooked me in, but  her article offered me nothing. In fact it inspired me to write this post. I feel writing an article is not just about building links, but as a writer, you should deliver what you promise in the topic or the opening para.

I kept reading the whole article hoping now she will offer me some useful information, but she did not have anything new to offer. So, when I initially saw the blog, I was planning to subscribe to the blog, but, after reading the article I realised that most of her articles would be like this. Lots of hype and no substance. Please do not write your post like a sales letter. It disappoints a serious reader.


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As a freelancer who is constantly looking for tools to improve her craft, I have found many useful tools and resources on the internet and they are FREE ( that word is like music to my ears!) Let me not waste more of your time by talking about myself and let’s begin some action!

The first one that I have found is called the word web, it is a free dictionary and thesaurus, provides word meanings, synonyms and audio pronunciations of words. Just go to the link provided and download the dictionary for free. It sits pretty on your menu bar with a ‘W’ sign on it.

If you want to fine tune your grammar, ( everybody needs a little help at times) I found a site that is run by a professor emeritus and it explains all the grammar rules with excellent examples. He doesn’t just explain, subject and predicate with examples like, “ Mary is a good girl.” and then simplistically explaining that “Mary” is the subject in the sentence and the rest is the predicate. He breaks down everything beautifully.  Most sentences are not so simple and there are some very complex sentence constructions. Check out, powa. Just sign up and start the grammar lessons

Poewar is another great writer’s resource.  This site not just offers tips to freelance writers, but also lists writing jobs in USA, lessons in writing and grammar tips. I think you can spend quite some time browsing through this site. If you want to go the next step as a freelance writer, I heavily recommend this one.

I won’t inundate you with a list of sites as each site has so much to offer that even if you follow one or two rigorously I assure you, you will get all the information as a freelance writer that you require. One more blog that I recommend for newbies  in the field of writing is the writing mommies blog. They offer plenty of suggestions and all the information is simply presented.

This is one of the best resources for people who want to know how to write press releases. It offers you a proper format and then allows you to view the final version as it would appear in Press. Start writing press releases and make money.

I guess these resources should be good for today. More gems later. Keep watching this space.

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