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Recently I received a strange request on Linked in, Anil Sharma( name changed), a call centre employee wanted me to write a love letter for him to his girl friend. He of course was discouraged by the high rate I quoted, so I decided to devote a post to all those who want to express their feelings through the written medium, I mean you can always say it with a song, or an SMS. You could also make use of greeting cards,but of course if you like things the old fashioned way, here goes:
I do like long letters and e-mails, so I would suggest you write a long one if you plan a letter, a short one is a note, not necessarily a letter.

The first thing to do is, to check the mentality and likes and dislikes of your prospective partner.

The age group– yours and hers are very important, if you are teenagers, keep things sweet. Some girls like letters written in blood( personally, I feel it has better uses and ink is just great :)), well I’m not too sure whether you should comply with such tastes, but yes, try and keep things simple. If she likes things straight, avoid games. If she is a bit mature and likes a bit of style, please do not rush in, just write a friendly feeler, it should introduce the idea, that you have some thing other than plain friendship in mind. See how she takes it, does she like it, or she is avoiding certain topics , while just maintaining the friendship, if she is just politely replying, then stop, she may not be interested.

On the other hand, if she returns your attempts at mild flirtation with some hints and suggestions, start building the friendship, and of course when you finally confess your love, induce some humor into it, so she doesn’t feel overwhelmed and feels pressurized into replying.

Nothing is more distasteful than a friendship that has gone sour, just because you couldn’t control your feelings.

The final word on this one—Good Luck!:)


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